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The only way in involves passing through a pacification spell.
You can technically win the game, yet still get one of these.
If you wait 3 days, either by using the Phantom Cigar or simply by taking too long, he will be unresponsive when you trigger his cutscene, and when Snake lets go of his face, it will stiffly lull to a downward position, causing Snake.
The Game Over isn't instant per se, as the game does give you a chance to fight back, but since the enemies One-Hit Kill Link (bypassing even fairies and Mipha's Grace; one hit instantly triggers the Game Over ) and are numerous, it's extremely hard.Doing the latter cuts to the credits where you hear a message blackjack tables jose from Oracle saying how the Joker rampaged through Gotham, Gordon is dead, Wayne Manor has been compromised, and that The Bad Guys Win.Child-based and junior high level baseball and softball, and some semi-professional leagues often have variations of the "mercy rule." For instance, a townball league for children may even have a rule where a team that builds a huge lead say, 30-0 after just one inning.Capcom 3, you can watch a unique ending sequence if you lose to the final boss and opt not to continue.Usually, if you take too long or don't get anywhere with the plot, you get a memo telling you you're being reassigned to The Falkland Islands, until you get far enough.The second time, nothing happens to the score because he doesn't find it funny or creative enough to warrant the punishment a second time.If you leave him there, the Simbani, who rely on complete trust and cooperation within the tribe to survive in a harsh environment, will be horrified by your selfishness and refuse to initiate you, leading to a game over.Pyramid : In the front game, after the first four categories are played, the fifth category is selected by the team that is trailing.In Dragon Quest, when you finally face the Dragonlord, he offers you a chance to join him and rule half the world.In Fatal Frame II, if you decide to use the secret passage to escape from the haunted village without your twin sister Mayu, you'll get a scene and then one of these.

This game was one of the exceptions: With only seven songs to be guessed (in a 30-second time period the contestant had to guess all seven songs correctly to win the day's top prize and be invited back to a grand prize tournament.
Simulation Game In the late-80s jet combat simulator Jet Fighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter, a successful ejection would result in the message: "Successful bailout!
In Yandere Simulator, the Villain Protagonist Ayano "Yan-chan" Aishi can earn herself some of these: Heartbroken (if Senpai witnesses Yan-chan's true nature or accepts a love confession from a rival Apprehended (If a student or teacher witnesses Yan-chan committing murder and manages to overpower her.
It was introduced for Association Football in 1993 but removed by 2004.
If you refuse several times (even after she lampshades that Mario can breathe underwater and then say yes to "do you really want to meet a terrible fate?For non-standard Game Overs triggered early in the game, see Press Start to Game Over." In the Arcana Heart series, should you time out during the final boss battles, the bad endings show either the Elemental World and human world merging in the first game or Japan getting destroyed by Ragnarok in the third.Running out of time on the Dam level in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles causes the bombs to detonate.In one of Homestuck 's flash "walkarounds" ( Past Karkat: Wake Up Karkat specifically tells you not to fall asleep that doing so would be fatal, given the dream worlds' annihilation.In almost all You Don't Know Jack games, the following will happen when the contestants respond with "fuck you" on Gibberish Questions three times in a single game: the first time, you lose a very large sum of money, and depending on the mood, the.During the flying segment of Chapter 12, you have to make a detour to destroy a falling Reset Bomb that Viridi deployed as you approached the Reset Bomb Depot.It is a free site for developing your coding skills.Normally, a Game Over in beatmania iidx results from finishing a song with less than 80 Groove Gauge.If Lysander, for example, were to attack Glen Garrison to rescue the Big Bad 's mother (instead of finding a way around it the commander would notify him that he sent his men to execute her.